Email Marketing

Sending the right message via email can be challenging. A few important things to consider about email marketing: create attractive messages (not just text, but HTML), have a clear call to action and to send mailings with the appropriate frequency.

An attractive message will gain the initial interest of the reader - without this, you do not even have a chance of any further interaction. The message is almost a mini-website - full of color, graphics, links, buttons, etc. This will get the viewer interested in opening / reading the message.

Having a call to action is important for any type of advertising. Now that you have their attention, what happens next. This needs to be clear and defined so that the work you put in does not go to waste.

Sending emails with the appropriate frequency is difficult - you want to send enough times to be remembered, but not so many times as to be annoying. The frequency and time of day is usually industry specific - our experience in this area will help your email marketing campaign be successful.

Fun Facts

We will make you an attractive message with a clear call to action and send it at the appropriate frequency.